Basic functions Sources & Reads Mill volts, Volts, Milliamps, Sources Frequency, Simulates RTD of Nine discreet values Sink & Reads Mill Volts / Volts, Milliamps, Indicates Continuity

Mcon portable calibrator is the result of many years of combined field experience that sets a new standard of portable multifunction calibrators. Universal calibrator can be used to calibrate any instrument in the industry Its dual operation of source & sink of signals make it useful in Labs & Process Plants.

Unit has self contained battery powered package which simulates sourcing & reading of mill volts, milliamps, volts, sourcing of 4 different values of frequency ( 9 different values of RTDs ). The rugged design includes an hand held type Aluminum enclosure, with carrying case for convenience & safety. The unit has dedicated connectors for source & sink operations with course & fine adjustment for sourcing mV, V, mA.

Unit has 2 switches for selection of parameter for source with 41 /2 digit LCD display for reading the measured parameters. The indication of continuity is an added parameter for field use. The sourcing up to 10V is useful for calibration of PC Based data acquisition parameters.

The unit can be calibrated to the national standards & can be provided with traceable certificates.

•Sources & Reads Mill volts, Volts, Milliamps, Sources Frequency, Simulates RTD of Nine discreet values Sink & Reads   Mill Volts / Volts, Milliamps, Indicates Continuity
Portable,  rugged design with carrying case for convenience & safety
Battery Powered, can be provided with AC Adaptor
•Can be calibrated to the National Standards & can be provided with Traceable certificates

• Calibrations of instruments 
• Commissioningof  field instruments 
• Repair & Maintenance of field instruments 
• Use as millimeter with limited  facilities


• Fertilizer Industries 
• Pharmaceutical Industries 
• Instrument manufacturing unit 
• Automobile Industries 
• Instrument Calibration Labs
• Chemical Process Industries 
• Cement Plant 
• Paper & Pulp Industries 
• Petrochemical Industries 
• Textile Industries 


1. Function  Source mA, mV, Volts
Source RTD signal
Source frequency
Continuity check
Sink mA, mV, Volt
7. Accuracy
+ 0.1 % of FS for mV/v range
Load 5 mA
+ 0.2% FS for mA range
with Load 500 ohm

2. Indication  4 1/2 Digit LCD indication
8. RTD
9  descrete values of pt100 RTD available for use ii)   Accuracy   :   0.2%   of selected value (Load 1/4W)

3. Range
Source 199.99 mV
999.99 mV 
9.999 volts 
0.20 mA
199.99 mv/1v/10v. 
0-20 mA. Dc
9. Frequency
4   descrete   values   of frequency available, a) 100 Hz   b)1kHz c) 10 kHz    d) 100 kHz Accuracy :0.1%FS
4. Power Supply 9V x 2 Batteries
10. Continuity
No measurement for indication on LED with Resistance up to 10 ohm  
5. Battery Lite  4 Hrs for continuous operation with current source operations at full scale. 30 Hrs when current source is open
11. Size
170x90x45 mm. Hand held type


6. Resolution Source mV
10 uV for 199.00 mV
100 uV for 999.99 mV
Source mA
10 u A with 20 m A range
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